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The purpose of the Floral Program is to prepare and equip our students to succeed in the ever changing floral industry, by producing a better trained employee or shop owner.

The Mission College Retail Floristry Program took two awards and participated in the "Top Ten Catagory" in the 2010, California State Floral Association's 37th AnnualTop Ten Design Competition!

The Program consists of eighteen separate but related classes, to give our students a well rounded education in preparation of their entering floral industry.

Classes cover in depth designing with fresh flowers, dry flowers and silk flowers, in Western, European, and Oriental design. The range of designs covers seasonal as well as every day arrangements, wedding, memorial, holiday, exotic and high style designs. Classes range from Introductory level through Advanced levels of design, rounding out this area of the program with the retail floral Display Classes and work experience.

In addition, the program covers classes in the physical design of a retail florist, the details of running a business, accounting and reporting, and how to create a successful business. Strong emphasis is placed on purchasing and successful sales. Other topics include employee matters, wire service, and insurance. One of the classes in the program is a internship period in an established florists in the area, giving the student a chance to see the interaction in the practical side of the business.

Evaluation of students is done with graded examinations, written assignments, term projects, and class participation. Students and staff are evaluated by staff members and department heads as required by the college.


This department maintains industry ties through an Advisory Committee.


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