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Philosophy, the original home of the sciences, is an attempt at comprehensive understanding. Among the perennial questions philosophy investigates are the nature of reality, human knowledge, the nature of mind, morality and the good life, etc. In this investigation, philosophy uses not only historical insights but also logical and conceptual methods.

Department Focus

As enrollment and funding increase, the Department plans to offer more courses. The focus of the Department is to provide students with rigorous preparation in ethics, critical thinking, and writing.

Academic Preparation and Career Paths

Undergraduate training in philosophy seeks to inculcate and develop higher-level cognitive abilities that are excellent preparation for graduate and professional study. In GRE exams, philosophy undergraduates, when compared with undergraduates from other disciplines, have consistently obtained the highest verbal scores. 

Training in philosophy also enables students to pursue numerous career

Career Options for Philosophy students:
  • Administrator
  • Anthropologist
  • Archivist
  • Author/Lecturer
  • Business • Columnist
  • Crypanalyst
  • Drama Critic
  • Editor / Editorial Assistant / Editorial Writer / Journalist / Publisher
  • Educator / High School teacher
  • Essayist
  • Foreign Correspondent / Foreign Service Officer
  • Information Scientist
  • Lawyer
  • Museum Curator
  • Personnel Manager
  • Playwright
  • Priest / Rabbi
  • Psychologist
  • Scientific Researcher
  • Social Worker
  • Tour Guide
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Leticia Jimenez 

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Helayna Thickpenny 

Brian Miller

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Matthew Johnston

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