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Mission College's Student Experience

Mission College students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. On this page we will highlight those stories.

4 students and an instructor

ESL Students and Discrimination

Instructor Myo Myint's ESL class put together a class project dealing with student's individual experiences with discrimination. Their stories are below.

A full version of "Encounters with Discrimination" is here.

Kate Lim
Duong Le

Discrimination within her Family
Full Story by Lim

Discrimination of Being a New Immigrant
Full Story by Le


Phuongchi Pham
Hoang Pham
Dignity over Compensation
Full Story by P. Pham
Discrimination that has stuck
Full Story by H. Pham
Additional Stories of Discrimination by ESL Students

Rosa Sosa's Experience in America

Rosa Sosa was a 16-year old immigrant from Mexico, who began with our ESL program and later earned an Associate's Degree from Mission College, a Bachelor's Degree from San Jose State and a Master's from Embry-Riddle. She currently is working in Counterterroism Intelligence.