Finals Tips

How to Survive Finals Week!

1. Say No to Cramming!

Spread your studying out and make sure to take breaks. It will help retain the information and not overwhelm you

2. Make a Study Guide

Whether it be flash cards, a practice test or re-writing your notes. Gather all your information for the class in one place to stay organized.

3. Ask Questions

Your professors and TA’s are there to help! Ask them questions regarding the material and the exam so that you’re prepared when exam time arrives.

4. Relax Post Exam

Don’t let panic overwhelm you. Even if you think you bombed the exam, worrying will not change your score. It may, however, affect your mindset for your next final. Zone out the last test and stay focused on the next one. Odds are, you didn’t do as badly as you think

5. Organize a Group Study Session

It can be helpful to study in groups. Evaluate whether or not studying with others will be beneficial to the subject as well at your learning process.

The following are places you can use to help you with your studies
Mission College Library

Net Tutor

Mission College now provides students with access to Online tutoring services from Net Tutor. Students can chat with a live tutor up to 24 hours a day from ANY Internet connection.

Access via Canvas Online.

STEM Learning Center

Science Building, First Floor

Monday-Wednesday: 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday-Thursday: 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Services offered:

  • MESA tutoring
  • Group study spaces,
  • Computers with STEM software
  • STEM Reference Materials

If you have any questions, contact:


Academic Support Center

Tutoring Center: All College Tutoring Services (Main Building S2-401 & S2-305)

  • Tutors for most Mission College courses
  • Drop-in, appointment, and/or group tutoring
  • Embedded Tutoring

Open Computer Lab/Study Center (Main Building S2-201)

  • Computers (PC & Mac) and specialized software for courses
  • Printing and scanning
  • Resources (text and digital) for completing assignments
  • Open study area