Counselor (EOPS)

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Alejandro Zavala

FT Counselor (EOPS)
Counseling Department
(408) 855-5240
[email protected]
Office Location: SEC 144/EOPS

Alejandro Zavala serves Mission College students in EOPS. He is bilingual in Spanish and English and motivated to be "the best version of myself for my family, parents, and other people. I often challenge myself in a variety of ways: read, observe, listen and learn from other people. I am also motivated by personal growth. I enjoy helping people whenever or wherever possible and I believe we are all on our own personal journeys of evolution."

Although Alejandro has a graduate degree, he has encountered challenges that could have prevented him from succeeding. According to Dr. Victor Rios, At-Promise students already possess the tools necessary to succeed in school, but need support and assistance to utilize those tools. Alejandro experienced the following.

  • Raised by immigrant parents from Mexico.
  • Spanish was his primary language growing up.
  • Was a first-generation college student.
  • Assessed into developmental (referred to as remedial) English and math level courses at his local community college.
  • Was undecided on a major and career at start of college.


  • M.A., Education w/ Concentration in Counseling & Student Personnel, San Jose State University
  • B.A., Psychology, California State University, Monterey Bay
  • A.A., Behavioral Sciences, Hartnell College

Privilege Acknowledgement

Privilege is an unearned advantage that is highly valued but restricted to certain groups. Everyone has some form of privilege. Acknowledging your privilege does not mean you believe you are better than others. It is a way of demonstrating gratitude for an advantage you have and acknowledging that those without the advantage experience the world differently than you do.

Alejandro states that "One of my privileges is being able-bodied. As I continue to learn and reflect about life, I have found that my privilege of being able-bodied may change at any moment. I try my best to demonstrate gratitude for the things I have and being able-bodied has influenced me in my work to listen first.

I have found I have uncovered a lot by listening to learn and understand. Therefore, I commit to giving my undivided attention to listen, learn, and understand to better support students I serve."

Fast Facts

Alejandro is left-handed, has been skydiving, and has coached basketball.