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ACC 073 – Accounting Information Systems 

Using SAP, an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) adopted by the majority of Fortune 1000 companies, students will gain valuable and practical skills in Accounting Information Systems (AIS).

AIS are an integral part of every business and organization, as they are impacted virtually by every transaction that occurs within an entity. The data gathered and stored within the accounting information system are essential to the proper control and evaluation of the organization. 

The course covers common business processes, ERP transaction processing, relational databases, and systems controls. We will also explore the current technology on information systems.

The skills built will be useful for individuals planning to take additional higher level business, accounting, and/or information systems classes; seeking careers in the finance and accounting departments of organizations; or interested in becoming an auditor, analyst, or consultant. (4.0 units). 

This is an online class.

ACC 075 – Cloud Computing and Analytics in Accounting

Students will learn cloud accounting and analytics theory, along with hands-on exercises using SAP Business ByDesign. SAP is the #1 enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor in the world. Its ByDesign system is a cloud-based ERP solution for small-to-medium enterprises.

Students will also have exposure to Excel and Power BI for data analytics and visualization capabilities. The skills built will be useful for individuals planning to take higher level business, accounting, and/or analytics classes; seeking careers in the accounting / finance department of organizations; or interested in becoming an analyst, data scientist, or consultant. (4.0 units). 

This is an online class.

BUS 041 – Business Analytics

This introductory course focuses on the fast-growing field of Business Analytics. The course will use SAP’s Predictive Analysis tools in helping students to become big data literate and proficient in data environments of social media tracking, web analytics, customer and marketing information.

Data analytic solutions explored will involve hands-on experience using real-world business case studies. Data Analytics has become a highly sought-after skill in business, engineering, economics, government services, science, health care and other fields.

This class meets face-to-face.

ACC 077 – Business Processes and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

This course examines the relationships and impacts between business processes and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to effectively manage major businesses. Students learn the integration concepts, challenges, common practices, and opportunities by doing hands-on configuration cases, using the world's #1 ERP system, SAP.

Through various practices, students will gain project facilitation exposure, make business decisions, and perform basic analysis utilizing datasets from the ERP-based business information. This is a key course to take to prepare for the exceptionally marketable SAP Application Associate certification, also known as "TS410 Certified."

This is an online class.