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The Pathway Back to Campus

Mission College is ready to move forward. Our team has put safety as our top priority as in-person classes and services are expanded for Fall 2021. We expect to fully return to campus in Spring 2022. All our phases to re-opening are laid out for your review.

At the college and district, we have implemented numerous protocols to allow for a safe return.  We have upgraded filtration and HVAC systems and are currently measuring all systems to identify any final improvements that will ensure we meet or exceed current OSHA and CDC recommendations.  We have added additional sanitation practices, deployed numerous sanitizer dispenser locations, added signage promoting social distancing and masking, and have secured sufficient quantities of PPE and cleaning supplies.  We believe that we are ready for a return.  Even so, we are taking a slow and measured approach. 

Dates to Remember

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In-Person Classes

In-person class offerings continue to expand. We have already had successful in-person classes in Nursing, Fire Tech, Pharm Tech, and Kinesiology

In Fall 2021, we will expand our offerings in additional subjects in a safe and reliable way.

In-person classes may involve daily self screening, masks, and a limited number of students. There may also be larger Zoom lectures and smaller in-person meetings.


Coming to campus will be a bit different, similar to what you have experienced in other public places. We will limit the number of people indoors, and encourage social distancing. Everyone is expected to wear masks.

Fewer people will be on campus. We will also do extra cleaning between classes and in common areas.

However, we encourage you to enjoy our new outdoor plaza, with USB ports and sunshine!

Employees Including Faculty

We take our staff's safety seriously. The District has put together protocols for their safety and we encourage everyone to get vaccinated when it is their turn.

You might also notice staff who work one day on campus, and one day off. This is to limit the number of people on campus. Review our guidelines.

Plan Ahead When Visiting Campus

Have a plan when you come to campus. Take our daily health screening at each time you come to campus. Also, remember to bring your mask. All these measures make everyone safe.

Parking is Free in Summer and Fall 2021

Parking will be free to students in Summer and Fall 2021, but you must print out a pass through My Mission Portal. Otherwise you can purchase a $3 daily parking pass online or at the yellow kiosk. Cars without a permit will be ticketed.

Gradual Re-Opening

We will gradually open more areas of campus over time. We encourage you to use our Library for computer access, our outdoor Wi-Fi in our new plaza, and get help in our Tutoring Centers.

You may also make an appointment with Counseling, Admissions, or Financial Aid. These departments also offer options to drop in and receive help via live chat.

Please note, appointments are encouraged. We continue to serve students online. Did you know our Welcome Center answers close to 3000 questions a month?

What if There's an Exposure?

We realize exposures may still occur. However, we will work hard to lessen the risk and contain the spread. This is why we have set up daily health screenings to know who is on campus and when.

There may be extra attendance checks, and that is just part of our new routine. This is not only to limit exposure to the virus but to keep our campus safe.

We continue to follow the latest health guidelines around quarantines and let affected areas know of exposures.

Our District Director of Health Services is leading this charge.

I'm Still Not Sure...

We realize there is a lot of stress about returning to campus and each of us has a different comfort level. We urge you to talk to us about your concerns, with a classmate, a counselor, a mental health specialist, or a teacher.

We can get through this together.