Danna Esupian headshot

Danna Estupian

From Colombia to Future Communications Professional
International Center

Country of Origin: Colombia

I am an international student currently working to obtain an AA-T and transfer to SJSU. 

My educational journey at Mission College began in Spring 2020 with the IIS program. I am so happy I took a semester of Intensive English because certainly a great part of my success is due to the language foundation I acquired during this time. I learned how to evaluate sources, develop effective writing skills, and learn reading comprehension techniques, all of which are fundamental skills for college..

I chose MC because I wanted a school that was both high quality and affordable. I was looking for an intensive English program that would allow me to improve the language while helping me build tools to transfer and succeed in college. MC was perfect for me because not only did it offer the type of English program I was looking for, but also the Associates Degree I needed to start my career.

I currently run the International Blog, where I coordinate, edit, and write stories about international student life.


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  • Plans on Attending SJSU for Communications