Mission College Spring Semester Provides Growth Opportunities For All

Students receive instruction in the classroom
Mission College offers a unique Spring Semester to supercharge students' academic journey with flexibility and online options.


SANTA CLARA, CA -- Mission College's Spring Semester will usher in a new academic chapter for students filled with prospects for growth, learning, and success. The semester will offer a wealth of enriching experiences, academic challenges, and community engagement initiatives, making it a truly exceptional period for all students. Classes start January 27, 2024.

A Mission College degree equips students with essential skills and training necessary to embark on a rewarding career in high-demand industries. Mission's online and on-campus comprehensive class offerings include:

πŸŽ“ Over 100 diverse degree and certificate programs

πŸ’Ό Valuable skills that enhance a resume

πŸ‘ Practical, hands-on training experiences

πŸ”„ Flexible course options and various learning formats

🌐 Opportunities for internships

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Also, in a groundbreaking move, Mission College has implemented a monumental shift by eliminating tuition costs for individuals residing in the West Valley-Mission Community College District service area. Resident within the district’s service area can now pursue a college education without the burden of tuition fees. 

Mission's service area includes:

  • Alviso
  • Campbell
  • Los Gatos
  • Santa Clara
  • Saratoga
  • Parts of San Jose and Sunnyvale

Not within our service area? No worries. There are numerous ways we can assist in covering tuition at Mission. 

Misison College students
Unlock academic acceleration this spring at Mission College

Take a moment to check out some of the open classes being offered this Fall Semester.

Open Spring Semester Classes

πŸ’° Accounting

ACC 051B: Taxation of Business Entities CRN: 34159 (Three units/Online class)

ACC 058A: Intermediate Accounting I CRN: 33182 (Four units/Online class)

ACC 070: Ethics in Accounting CRN 33185  (Three units/Online class)

🎨 Art

ART 035B: Life Drawing CRN: 33496 (Three units/On-Campus class)


BUS 064B: Business Math CRN: 33437 (Four units/Online class)

BUS 074: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management CRN: 33438 (Three units/Online class)

BUS 104: Project Risk Management CRN: 33444 (Three units/Online class)

BUS 111: The Entrepreneurial Mindset CRN 33448 (Three units/Online class)

πŸ’» Computer Applications

CAP 010A: Learning the Keyboard CRN: 33923 (One unit/On-campus class)

CAP 070: Using M.S. Windows CRN: 33945 (One unit/Online class)

CAP 092B: Google Apps for Personal Productivity CRN: 33946 (Two units/Online class)

πŸ‘Ά Child Development 

CHD 020: The Child with Special Needs in the Community CRN: 33900 (Three units/On-campus class)

πŸ“ž Communications

COM 008: Interpersonal Communication CRN: 33726 (Three units/Online class)

COM 015: Career and Workplace Communication CRN: 33702 (Three units/On-campus class)

✏️ Graphic Design

GDS 015: Photo-Media and Social Change CRN: 33631 (Three units/Online class class)

GDS 035: Graphic Design I CRN: 33640 (Three units/On-campus class) and CRN: 33642 (Three units/On-campus class)

GDS 064: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CRN: 33675 (Three units/Online and On-campus class) and CRN: 33679 (Three units/Online class)

GDS 089B: JavaScript II and Web Development CRN: 33693 (Three units/Online class)

🍽️ Hospitality Management

FDR 053: Restaurant Operations CRN: 33457 (Seven units/On-campus and online class)

Open Spring Semester Short-term Classes

Also, Mission is offering classes that are just eight weeks. They include:

πŸ“Š Accounting

 ACC 001B: Managerial Accounting CRN: 33175  (Four units on-campus and online class), CRN: 33176 (Four Units/Online class) and CRN: 33177 (Four units/online class)

πŸ’Ό Business

BUS 022: Principles of E-Business CRN: 33315 (Three units/Online class)

BUS 105: Agile Project Management CRN: 33445 (Two units/Online class) and CRN: 33445 (Two units/TB.A. class) 

πŸ’» Computer Applications

CAP 044: Using Project Management Software to Manage a Project CRN: 33937 (One unit/Online class) and CRN: 34118 (One unit/TB.A. class)

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