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Canvas Online Learning

Canvas allows faculty to develop and manage online learning and face-to-face courses, and provides students with secure access to course content anywhere, and anytime, they have access to the Internet.

  • Work and collaborate
  • View lessons
  • Submit assignments
  • Take exams
  • Communicate with instructors and other students
  • Track their grades and course activity
  • Configure, customize and display course reports in a safe password-protected virtual environment. 

How to Use Canvas

When you're logged into Canvas, use the question mark to find the canvas student guide and to access help. If you are having difficulty navigating or accessing course content and/or uploading your assignment to Canvas, contact your instructor.

Tech Support is Available via Chat

Using Google Docs

Google Docs offer collaborative, open-source tools for anyone with a gmail account. For more tips and tricks, visit

More Help for Canvas

The Canvas Student Guide is an excellent place to start. Also, check out the Canvas Overview.

  1. Update your profile
  2. Update your notification preferences
  3. Communicate with your instructor and peers
  4. Manage your personal files
  5. Keep track of assignment dates
  6. Submit your assignments
  7. Participate in discussions
  8. Take a quiz
  9. Participate in a group
  10. Check your grades

YouTube Canvas Videos for Students

Adding a Zoom Virtual Background