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Caring Campus

Caring Campus Initiative

Caring Campus’s purpose is to create a college environment that increases students’ sense of connectedness and belonging, and, in turn, completion of each student’s education goals. This sense of connectedness is especially important for underrepresented student populations who complete at lower rates than majority students. Research indicates that student support staff and other employees can contribute considerably to enhancing student connectedness, thereby increasing the likelihood students will attain their educational goals. (More information about Caring Campus can be found on

Mission College as a Caring Campus

Danielle Ramirez-King was selected as Classified Co-Lead in August 2020 joining Manuel Salazar, Administrator Co-Lead.  

Twenty (20) Classified Professionals were selected to participate to start the Caring Campus Initiatve work in Fall.  These classifieds attended four coaching sessions with the IEBC Caring Campus Coach. Sessions included orientation, identifying behavioral commitments, develop implementation plan, monitoring plan and communication plan.  Caring Campus team presented their findings and work to administration on November 16th. 

Caring Campus Kickoff to the campus was held during Spring 2021 All College Week on Tuesday, January 26th. The session was led by Danielle Ramirez-King, Jorge Murillo, Vianey Topete and Zita Melton. 

The work continues on our campus


Fall 2021 Update

Jorge Murillo and Zita Melton has taken on as co-leads in addition with Manuel Salazar. 

Our College Caring Campus Commitments

  • Learning about other departments
  • Warm Referrals (Get Up and Move)
  • Don't Assume. Avoid Mission Jargon - Provide Content.
  • Name Badges
  • Take the students information and make the virtual connection
  • Use contact information and introduce yourself first
  • Welcome Week
  • Website Summaries (Updated and include who is in the department)

Caring Campus Leads

  • Jorge Murillo, Classified Co-lead (2021-Present)
  • Zita Melton, Classified Co-lead (2021-Present)
  • Manuel Salazar, Administrator Co-Lead (2020-Present)
  • Danielle Ramirez-King, Classified Co-Lead (2020-Sept 2021)

Classified Participants

Amanda Marshall
Analiza Dasalla
Andrew Soliz
Barbara McMahon
Eleen Badal-Abdishou
Jorge Murillo
Jouney Chong
Lisa Willett
Liz Pelayo
Lucia Moreno
Mark Darrah
Mary Ann Medrano
My Loi
Nannette Regua
Renee Ruzicka
Robert Guest
Vianey Topete
Xuan Lu
Zita Melton

Moving toward a True Community

Loss of Momemtum Diagram
This graphic above illustrates the role of Caring Campus in the Mission College student lifecycle.