ESL Classroom

ESL Placement

All students who want to enroll in our ESL program MUST complete the ESL Guided Placement process before registering for any ESL or NCE course. 

Students with a goal of a degree or transfer who are seeking ESL instruction have a right to access for-credit academic ESL courses.

ESL Guided Placement Process 

The placement process will take about 10 minutes.  First, you will watch a short video explaining the process. You will think about what you can do now in English in your reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Then you will choose the appropriate level for your skills in our ESL program.

Watch ESL Guided Placement Video

You may watch in English or another language you feel comfortable with.

Complete ESL Guided Placement

If you're not signed into the student portal, you'll be prompted to do so. After completing the ESL Guided Placement, you'll receive your results immediately and be cleared to register for classes.

ESL Placement
Register for Classes

Register in My Mission Portal.

For More Assistance 

Please visit the Welcome Center SEC 105, the Counseling Center in SEC 139, or the ESL Department at

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