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The Counselor Liaison Model

The Counselor Liaison model at Mission College allows you to connect with a counselor who is working closely (as a liaison) with the faculty and department in a specific Major and Career Pathway (MCP).

  • As a team, Counseling and department faculty members support you throughout your time at Mission College.
  • You can work with any counselor you prefer* even if they are not part of your Major and Career Pathway based on other preferences. You may switch and change counselors, if desired.

Schedule an appointment or chat with us today! Note that during peak periods, you may need to wait for an appointment. However, you may still chat live with any counselor to receive help to urgent questions. Remember that ANY counselor can help you if your desired counselor is not available or match with your schedule so no need to delay receiving support. 

* Some counselors can only be seen if you apply into a student support program.