Library Faculty & Staff

For Information on how to contact the Circulation Desk for questions about checked out items or a librarian for research assistance, go to the Library's home page

Library Administration

Name Title Office Phone
Valerie Jensen Dean of Academic Services Student Engagement Center - 340E (408) 855-5417
John Schoppert

Director, Library & Learning Support Services

Student Engagement Center - 154E (408) 855-5395
Tina Cheng Administrative Specialist Student Engagement Center - 340B (408) 855-5380
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Full-Time Faculty Librarians

Name Area of Responsibility Subject Specialty Office  Phone
Tina Boghozian Library System;
Cataloging & Technical Services 

Biology, Nutrition, Chemistry, CIT/CIS, Engineering, Mechatronics, Math, Physics, Astronomy 

BT-217C (408) 855-5165

Collection Development Manager (interim Michele Speck);
Textbook Reserves (Interim Tina Boghozian);
SemesterText Program (Interim Tina Boghozian);

Anthropology, Geology, Economics, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Social Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science (interim Elaine Wong);


Michele Speck Department Chair;
Electronic Resources;

Accounting, Business, Computer Apps, Child Development, Fire Technology, Hospitality Management, Kinesiology, Nursing, Counseling, Learning Services

BT-217D (408) 855-5169

Elaine Wong

Reference Services;
Instruction & Orientations;
Research Guides:
Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Collection

Art, Communications, English/Reading, ESL, Graphic Design, Music, World Languages 

BT-217B (408) 855-5162
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Part-Time Faculty Librarians

Name   Responsibility
Katherine Hall   Reference
Marci Hunsaker   Reference
Ann Lane
Susan Ma   Reference
Laura Hammond
Judith Girardi
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Circulation & Access Services Supervisor 

Name Office Phone
Olga Nova BT-225D (408) 855-5163

Full-Time Senior Library Media Technicians

Name Office Phone
Denise Kast BT-103 (408) 855-5153
Star Quach BT-103 (408) 855-5159
Nahid Shokrollahi BT-103 (408) 855-5160
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