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Mission College Library

The Library has temporarily moved to the first floor of the Business and Technology building.

Mission College Library
3000 Mission College Blvd., M.S.#24
Santa Clara, CA 95054-1897
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Contact Us

Check Out Desk: (408) 855-5151
For inquiries regarding checked out items, overdue items, reserves/requests, book returns or questions about fines.

Information Desk: (408) 855-5150 
For research assistance, help using the Library databases, or locating items in the Library.  

Library Staff Contact Information

Asian-American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Collection

Learn more about the Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander Collection and Speaker program. This special collection showcases material by and about all Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders, with an emphasis on Chinese Americans.

Library policies

Go to the Library Policies guide to find information on the libraries policies, including check out policies, loan rules, guidelines, and facility access. It also includes the Library Food and Drink Policy.

Study space & computers

The Library provides study space for student use. Collaborative study space is available in the main Library and room 105. Quiet study space is available in room 117.

The Library has two computer labs with PC computers for student use; room 101 is for collaborative computer work and room 118 is for quiet computer work. In addition, there are three computer stations in the main Library. All computers include Internet access, Microsoft Office programs (Work, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), and allow printing. Refer to the Library Computer Use Policy for additional information.

The Library has a photocopier, scanners, and computer printers available for public use. For information about locations and cost, see Photocopier, Scanners, and Printers.

Equipment available for check out

Anatomy Models
The Library has 23 different anatomy models available to use in the Library or the Library's Collaboration room (BT-105). The models are on display on the top of the bookshelves in BT106. If a model has detachable parts, they are available at the Check Out Desk.

The Library has several different styles of scientific and graphing calculators available for three week check out. Ask for them at the Check Out Desk. There are also graphing calculators available through the SemesterText Program that can be checked out for the entire semester.
External DVD Drives
The Library has 5 external DVD Drives available for three week check out. Ask for them at the Check Out Desk.
Headphones for computers are available to check out for all day use. Antibacterial cleaning wipes will be dispensed with Library headphones when available. As a courtesy, headphones are available for Library visitors who are not students or employees in the District to use while in the Library. Ask for them at the Check Out Desk.
Phone Chargers
Phone wall chargers for iPhones and Android phones are available to check out for all day use. Ask for them at the Check Out Desk. 

Prentice Hall Molecular Model Set for Organic Chemistry
Molecular models sets are available for 2-hour check out. Each set includes 66 spheres, 96 bonding links, 1 short link remover tool. Ask for them at the Check Out Desk by providing the following call number: QD257.P74 1984. 

Webcams are available to check out for all day use. Ask for them at the Check Out Desk. See the Library catalog record for camera details.

Whiteboard Markers and Erasers
Whiteboard markers and erasers are available to check out for all day use. Ask for them at the Check Out Desk.

Wireless Mice
Wireless mice are available to check out for three weeks. Ask for them at the Check Out Desk.

Library events & exhibits

Find out what's happening at the Library on the Library Events & Exhibits page.

Book return

Return all checked out library material to the temporary Library space within the BT Building during Library open hours or use the new book return located next to the flag poles at the round-about at the entrance to the college. It is open 24/7 and checked frequently.

Checked out material, including SemesterText items including calculators, can be returned using the book return.

The book return at the Library building is no longer available during the remodel.

Library lost and found

Personal property is the responsibility of the individual Library user. The Library maintains a "Lost and Found" behind the Check Out Desk. Items left and/or found in the Library will be put in the "Lost and Found" and, if unclaimed after a period of time, taken to the Mission Campus Police Business Office (408-855-5435).

Note that keys found at closing will either be taken to the Campus Police Business Office or left with the Campus Evening/Weekend Supervisor (408-590-2657).

Library feedback form

Do you have feedback, questions, comments or suggestions for the Library? Please fill out our Feedback Form. We’d like to hear from you!

Purchase suggestions

The Library is interested in hearing your suggestions for purchases. To recommend books and other materials please contact the librarian specializing in the appropriate subject matter. Final decisions on materials will be made according to the Library's Selection of Material Policy.

Tina Boghozian: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Michele Speck: Health, Wellness, Public Safety; Business & Education, and Service Industries; Counseling & Learning Services

Elaine Wong: Asian American Collection; Creative Arts & Communication; People, Culture, Society

SAO: Service Area Outcomes

SAO 1: The Mission College Library will provide support to students to enable them to easily find, select, and use library materials to meet their learning needs.
SAO 2: Mission College Library will provide online and print resources which meet student learning needs.