Silicon Valley Children’s Fund

Silicon Valley Children’s Fund not only provides educational scholarships to foster youth but they have partnered with many of the local community colleges to have an onsite Academic Coach available to work with all foster youth attending at that campus.

The Academic Coach is often an ‘extension’ of the FY Liaison in that they provide additional support in areas such as life skills, academic & career exploration, tutoring referrals, referrals to housing, CalFresh, healthcare, etc. Read more details.

Advocacy Organizations

  • Foster Youth Ombudsman investigates complaints about state and local agencies regarding foster care; can also verify foster care status. 
  • Foster Club believes the experiences young people have while in care, are the experts who have the ability to effect change within the system.
  • California Youth Connection provides a vehicle for California foster youth to learn leadership and advocacy skills to engage directly with policymakers to improve the foster care system 
  • Fostering Media Connections harnesses the power of journalism to advance child welfare and juvenile justice reform by covering emerging solutions to the systems’ challenges.