Young woman shopping in the supermarket.

Free eGift Cards to Buy Food


The Food Assistance team coordinates a monthly distribution of eGift cards for groceries to Walmart for qualifying students.  To be eligible, Mission students must be enrolled in at least three units during a primary semester, meet financial need criteria, and complete the Success Communities Application above.  

Students who qualify will receive:

  • $60.00 Walmart eGift cards
    • Due to the limited amount of funding, distribution will be on a first come, first serve basis. Distribution dates are subject to change based on the needs of the program.

Food Request Form Deadline and Distribution Dates

Fall 2023 Distribution (via Email)
Wednesday, September 13th by 5pm 
Wednesday, October 11th by 5pm
Wednesday, November 8th by 5pm
Wednesday, December 13th by 5pm


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: By when do I need to submit my request to receive this benefit?

A: Requests must be in at least two business days prior to the monthly distribution date. Requests received after that time will be processed for future distributions.

The form will be opened for the entire semester and only requires one entry to be good for the duration of the semester. 

Q: When will I receive my eGift cards?

A: Please refer to the distribution schedule chart above. Students who qualify will receive their eGift the date specified for the corresponding week.

Please Note: On distribution days, we have until 5pm (end of business day) to send out the e-gift cards.

Q: How many units do I need to be registered for?

A: You have to be registered for at least 3 units in the current semester that this program is offered at Mission College.

Q: Will I qualify for this progam if my classes I am taking is for West Valley College?

A: Unfortunately, no. This program is for Mission College students only. Meaning, you need to be registered for classes at Mission to qualify.

Q: What email should I use for the e-gift card distribution?

A: All e-gift cards will be sent to your Mission College/district provided emails (e.g. [email protected])

Q: Who do I contact if I have issues with my gift card?

A: Anne Margaret Capcap, Basic Needs Coordinator.