Shower Facilities Available

Shower head with water flowing out of it.
If you are a Mission College student experiencing unstable housing and/or are homeless you can access Mission College's Athletics facilities next to the gym to use our showers.


Monday - Thursday
7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Request a Student ID with Chip

Access requires a new student ID card with a chip inside it. Please email [email protected].

Other Resources
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Food Assistance

We offer three types of food assistance to students.

Food Assistance
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MissionCares offers additional resources.

More Resources

Justin Reynolds

Less than a year ago, I was living in a van and ready to drop out of my Mission College classes. Then, I contacted the VALOR Center. I am now in the process of purchasing a piece of property in Arizona through a VA loan.

Justin Reynolds

VALOR Center

Read His Story
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