Interdisciplinary Studies

Develop the academic skills you need to be successful at Mission College and beyond.

The free peer tutoring program through INS 947 Supervised Tutoring offers a wide range of tutoring services that are available to all students enrolled in Mission College courses. Through peer tutoring, you can develop effective study skills and habits to apply across many disciplines.

Note: Mission College does not offer an AS/AA degree or Certificate of Achievement in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Peer Tutor and Mentor Training (INS 010)

Total Lecture: 27 hours
Acceptable for Credit: California State University

Pass/No Pass Only

This is a 1.5-unit online course for students who want to learn about peer assistance techniques and become an effective peer educator. Students will learn to establish goals and objectives, implement an assistance session plan, apply effective learning skills, develop effective communication and listening skills, and foster critical thinking.

This course focuses on peer assistance principles to effectively offer tutoring/mentoring across different disciplines and settings. Because these principles are flexible, each tutor/mentor will apply them in practice to his or her own discipline, exploring and adapting strategies as they suit specific situations.

INS 10 Peer Tutor and Mentor Training is a College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certified training program. Students taking the Peer Tutor and Mentor Training are given the option to receive a CRLA Tutor Certification if they meet the following requirements:

  • Successfully complete the INS 10 Peer Tutor and Mentor Training course.
  • Successfully demonstrate 25 hours of single tutor/single "unit" of concurrent tutoring contact or a minimum of 50 hours of multiple tutors/multiple sequential tutee tutoring.
  • This certificate can be used on personal statements, applications, resumes, etc. to show that you have training and experience as a tutor. The option to receive the certificate is not required to pass the Peer Tutor and Mentor Training course.

Advanced Training for Peer Tutors and Mentors (INS 015)

Total Lecture: 27 hours
Advisory: Eligibility for ENG 001A and REA 054, INS 010
Acceptable for Credit, California State University

Pass/No Pass Option

This is an advanced peer tutor and mentor training course. Topics include roles and responsibilities of tutors and mentors, strategies for working with adult learners, use of probing questions, brain dominance learning, assessing or changing study behaviors, communication strategies, group facilitation strategies, and assisting students with disabilities. This course may be offered via hybrid or distance learning.

Supervised Tutoring (Non-Associate Degree Course) (INS 947)

Total Maximum: 54 hours

Co-requisite: Enrollment in the course for which a student receives tutoring This noncredit, open entry/open exit course provides learning assistance in the form of tutoring. Students are assigned to tutoring by an instructor or a counselor based on an identified learning need, followed by registration in the tutoring course. Under direction of a faculty coordinator in the tutoring center, students receive assistance from tutors in areas of identified academic need and in appropriate study skills to develop their ability to learn independently and become more successful students. This course may also be offered via distance learning.

College Study Skills (Non-Associate Degree Course) (INS 949)

1.0 UNIT
Total Lecture: 18 hours
Advisory: Eligibility for English 905.
Prerequisite: ESL 960RW

Pass/ No Pass Option.

This course is designed to help students analyze their study skills needs and to help students learn and apply needed study skills techniques. Techniques and strategies to be explored may include time management, note taking, preparation for and taking of examinations, textbook study strategies, and using campus support systems effectively.

The emphasis is on metacognition and mastering and applying the skills needed in order to facilitate successful studying and independent learning. This course may be offered via distance learning.