Academic Services Directory


First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Gayathri Chakravarthy Full-Time Faculty (Academic Support Center) Academic Support Center [email protected] (408) 855-5335 SEC 248A2
Tina Cheng Administrative Specialist (Office of Instruction) Office of Instruction [email protected] (408) 855-5380 SEC 340B
Chia Green Department Chair / IC Rep Interdisciplinary Studies/Academic Support Center (ASC) [email protected] (408) 855-5380 or (408) 855-5348 LIB 224 / SEC 248B
Mehran Karimi Curriculum & Instructional Analyst Office of Instruction [email protected] (408) 855-5167 SEC 340C
John Spencer Instructional Technology Analyst & Canvas Support Office of Instruction [email protected] (408) 855-5243 SEC 340D
Linping Yu Administrative Specialist Office of Instruction [email protected] (408) 855-5108 SEC-340F