Career Goals - a Business Man writes on a clear whiteboard "Goals, Experience, Skills, Education, Interests"

Step One

Take Career Assessments 

Career assessments help you learn more about yourself and knowing who you are is critical to select a career that will make you happier and more satisfied! 

Career Assessment Questions

Personality  How do you think and make decisions? How do you express yourself to others?  
Interests What sparks your curiosity? What topics or subjects are you willing to spend a lot of time learning and/or doing?  
Values Who/What do you care about? What purpose do you feel you are fulfilling or want to achieve?
Skills What skills do you find highly satisfying and/or you are very interested in developing or learning to use? 
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MBTI/SII (Personality & Interest) Assessments

Watch the 2-Minute introduction videos to learn more about each career assessment:   

Click on the hyperlinks below to register, create an account and complete the assessments (you may save and continue as each assessment can take 45 min-1 hour so please save your log-in information):  

 After taking the career assessments:  Connect with a counselor to schedule and discuss the results! 


A comprehensive on-line career exploration program, providing national and specializing in California occupational and educational information. It includes detailed job descriptions, salaries, and training requirements. Also includes personality and skills assessments, and information on majors and schools. 

  • Click on “Create account”
  • Enter Site ID Code: YIQPMHQ in the appropriate box. Note: copy/paste the code may not work; you may need to type in directly.
  • Fill out Form and create a log-in Name & Password.
  • Select any counselor name to continue.
  • Go to “Step 1: Self Assessments”  

Your results will be saved and can be reviewed with a counselor.

Career Coach

Want Something QUICK?

Try the six-question interest assessment. Career Coach is available by logging into My Portal and click on “Career Coach” under Student Success Tools. 

Through a six question or 60 question assessment, this tool helps you discover majors and in-demand careers and education based on your interests. 

If you are unable to log into My Portal, you can still access Career Coach without signing in. Please download and save the results to discuss with a counselor when you are ready!