Admissions and Financial Aid Staff


Veronica Martinez, Dean of Enrollment and Financial Services
Tel: (408) 855-5147

General Contact Information 
Location: SEC-118
Tel:(408) 855-5000 fax:(408) 980-8980
Office Hours

Staff are available on Live Chat and Zoom using 'Ask Clara.' If you need specific help, including people who speak another language besides English, start with the staff members listed on on our webpage.


First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Eleen Badal Abdishou Reporting, IS liaison, Disbursement Financial Aid [email protected] (408) 855-5355 SEC 120B
Caesar Cardenas Dual Enrollment A-M, Transcript A-M, Enrollment verifications Admissions [email protected] (408) 855-5011 SEC 118 workstation 05
Analiza Dasalla Rising Scholars, Year Up, Child Development and VTA cohorts Admissions [email protected] (408) 855-5024 SEC 118
Roehl Galang Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid [email protected] (408) 855-5071 SEC-118
Diemanh Le Dual Enrollment N-Z, Transcripts N-Z, Change of information, Pass/No Pass requests, residency Admissions [email protected] (408) 855-5027 SEC 118 workstation 01
Jocelyn Mercado Intrusive student follow-up financial aid apps, AB540, Outreach & Inreach, Year Up Financial Aid [email protected] (408) 855-5002 SEC 120C
Lucia Moreno Manager, Enrollment Services -Financial Aid, AB 54, HEERF, Dreamer Liaison Financial Aid [email protected] (408) 855-5067 SEC 120B
Jessica Nguyen Process and BDM course subs; Review of grad application( H-N), certificate & degree awarning, DW mapping; grad changes; Primary contact for MC. Records Records [email protected] (408) 855-5001 SEC 120F
Kathy Nguyen Inclusive follow-up ( grad apps; applying for grad; undeclared majors; incomplete grades); AP scores & transcript coding Banner; Grades and hours entry; alternate of MC. Records email. Valor transcript evals; Course subs; duplicate diploma requests Records [email protected] (408) 855-5005 SEC 120E
Ngoclien Nguyen Return calculations, file review, Suspended Files Financial Aid [email protected] (408) 855-5068 SEC 118
Marie Rancap Federal Work Study, file review, Suspended Files Financial Aid [email protected] (408) 855-5054 SEC 118
Jacqueline Talamantes Loans, file review, student petitions, rising scholars, scholarships Financial Aid [email protected] (408) 855-5070 SEC 118
Kelvin Tran Degree Works scribing, grad app review( O-Z), data validation, reporting, CTE articulation Records [email protected] (408) 855-5172 SEC 120G
Nitha Vasquez Student Petitions, Census Rosters & Cashiering Admissions [email protected] (408) 855-5028 SEC 118 workstation 08
Epigmenio Vazquez Vega Academic renewals; DW mapping; review of grad applications( A-G), certificate & degree awarding, grade changes; duplicate diploma requests Records [email protected] (408) 855-5024 SEC 120F
Jhonaliza Villanueva Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Admissions [email protected] (408) 855-5015 SEC-118