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ESL Faculty

ESL Department

Amelia Akers-Martín, Department Chair

Kena Rogers, Administrative Specialist

First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Amelia Akers-Martin Department Chair (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5092 SEC 248J
Frederick Allen Associate Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5732
Lisa Bell Associate Faculty (ESL) ESL
Marina Broeder Full-Time Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5379 SEC-235 / 224B
Britta Burton Full-Time Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5283 SEC-248D
Kathleen Castello Associate Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-7699 x5726
Kara Chambers Full-Time Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5278 SEC-248P
Marsha Chan Faculty Emeritus ESL (408)800-5314
Jennifer Costanza Full-Time Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5310 SEC-248R
Pamela Couch Full-Time Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5286 SEC-248F
Valerie Fiechter Associate Faculty ESL (408) 855-5774
Lora Glaser ESL Faculty ESL (408) 855-5093 SEC-246F
Paula Lee Associate Faculty (ESL) ESL
Myo Myint ESL Faculty ESL (408) 855-5316 SEC-248Q
John O'Neill Associate Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5082 SEC-246G
Joan Powers Fulltime Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5298 MT-11H
Rachel Prescott ESL Faculty ESL (408) 855-5318 SEC-248J
Kena Rogers Administrative Specialist Language Arts and Library (408) 855-5219 SEC-246
Julaine Rosner ESL Faculty ESL (408) 855-5317 SEC-248K
Marlo Seidel Associate Faculty (ESL) ESL (408) 855-5007 x5722
Albert Shaheen ESL Faculty ESL SEC 248D
John Wiley Associate Faculty (ESL) ESL