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Welcome to the Records' Office at Mission College. Get assistance with Transcript Evaluations, Graduation Applications, Certifications, and more.

Admissions and Records staff standing in front of the Welcome Center service desk in SEC.


Name/Link to Contact Info Expertise Language (beside English)
Kathy Nguyen, Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor

  • Intrusive Student Follow-Up and Processing External Transcripts
  • Positive Attendance Hours & Grades 
  • Program of Study Changes, Grade Changes, Veteran Transcript Evaluations
  • Schedule a One-on-One appointment with Kathy here!
Jessica Nguyen, Senior Student Records Advisor
  • CSUGEB and IGETC Certifications
  • Review of Graduation Applications, External Transcript Evaluations
  • Course Substitutes and Grade Changes
  • Positive Attendance Hours & Grades 
Epigmenio Vazquez, Senior Student Records Advisor
  • Review of Graduation Applications, External Transcript Evaluations
  • Reciprocity Agreements, Academic Renewals, Grade Changes
  • Program of Study Changes
Kelvin Tran, Management Analyst
  • CSUGEB and IGETC Certifications
  • Review of Graduation Applications, External Transcript Evaluations
  • CTE articulation
  • Late Grad Apps
  • Duplicate Diploma Requests
CSU-GE-B / IGETC Certification

How can I request a CSU-GE-B / IGETC Certification?

  • Students can request an IGETC or CSU-GE-B Certification for transfer purposes through a standard Transcript/Certification Request Form.
  • If you've taken courses at another college that should be included in the Certification, please forward Official Transcripts to Records Department. 

Important: Rush transcripts are not available for orders that include an IGETC or CSU-GE-B Certification. Please avoid selecting this option unless absolutely necessary.

Do I need to order a CSU-GE-B / IGETC Certification?

  • We recommend reaching out to a Mission College counselor before you submit our request for the certification. They can ensure that you've met all the necessary requirements.  

How long will it take for the CSU-GE-B / IGETC Certification to be sent out?

  • The request can take 7-14 business days to process. Please be aware that during peak periods, there might be a slight delay in processing. 

Please Note: If you're interested in clearing your A.A./AS general education requirements at another community college, we kindly request that you complete the Reciprocity Agreement instead. To receive a certification, students must have completed or be in the process of completing 12 units at Mission College.


DegreeWorks is an online student education planning tool that gives students the control to map and track their progress toward graduation and completion. For more information about DegreeWorks, please visit

Below is a link to our Degreeworks Booklet. It's a valuable resource that's here to support you every step of the way as you navigate through Degreeworks. 
DegreeWorks Booklet



CATEMA., which stands for Career And Technical Education Management Application is the platform that houses course articulations and the system that is used to streamline the credit-awarding process.

For more information about CATEMA., please visit CTE Articulations.