Auditing a course 

Mission College allows students to audit a course for personal interest, but auditing does not provide course credit.  To audit a course students must meet the audit eligibility criteria.

The Governing Board of the West Valley-Mission Community College District, under the provisions of Chapter 5, Section 76370 of the Education Code, hereby authorizes individuals to audit regularly scheduled credit courses, subject to the following conditions and provisions:

  1. The student must meet college eligibility requirements for admissions to audit courses.
  2. The student must be an active student with the West Valley Mission Community College.
  3. The student must be in good academic standing.
  4. The student must be otherwise ineligible to take the course she or he wishes to audit.
  5. The current fee legislated of $ 15.00 per unit per semester shall be charged for each course audited. Students enrolled in courses to receive credit for 10 or more units shall not be charged a fee to audit three or fewer semester units per semester. Fees may be subject to legislative updates and revisions.
  6. A student auditing a course shall not be permitted to change enrollment status in that course to receive credit for the course.
  7. Audit registration will only be processed after the last date to add a course as posted in the class schedules and will require permission of the instructor of Record, including signature authorizing audit registration in the class.
  8. All current and outstanding fees must be paid at the time of Audit Registration. Auditing fees are non-refundable after two weeks or 10% of class meetings of attendance.
  9. High School students are not permitted to audit courses.

To add onto an auditable course the student must complete the Audit Form & enroll in-person at Admissions & Records. Fees for auditing a class are $15 per unit. Fees are non-refundable.